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Zbigniew Minda HR, 2009-10-24

FSE Newsletter 1, 24 October 2009

1. MADRID JMJ 2011

Jose Luis, the President and Juan Pedro, the General Commissioner of our Spanish Association, are in contact with the Central Logistics Committee of the JMJ 2011. They are interested in the service of our rovers and rangers during the JMJ 2011. Jose Luis and Juan Pedro are ensuring that it would be compatible with our pedagogy and style, and also with a bit of Public Relations. Now, we must put in place a team, first of all composed of the national teams of rovers and rangers from France and Italy, which could lead a reflection together with Spanish Association on how to envisage our participation and service and that it could be proposed to the Federal Council in August 2010.

2. SORIANO 26 Sep 2009

There was a meeting of the Italian bureau (Giuseppe Losurdo, Maria Sanchez, Maria Luisa Faotto, Pietro Antonucci, Giuseppe Manelli, Giuliano Furlanetto, Matteo Rampulla) with the new federal commissioner, Zbigniew Minda, in Soriano. We talked a lot about how to share the pedagogical and organisational experience of the second biggest FSE association (about 20 000 members) with others. Italy will host the meeting of the General Commissioners in Soriano, on 6-7 March 2010. During this meeting the Italian association will organize an important session to share its expertise. We also wait with impatience for the presentation of the italian rovers and rangers service in Abruzzo after the earthquake earlier this year. The same day, 26 Sep, in parallel, there was a meeting of more than 200 rangers and rovers chiefs from the whole country. Impressive. The ceremony of the recognition of Maria Luisa Faotto and Pietro Antonucci as General Commissioners took place in their presence.  


There will be a great international participation in the rovers Vezelay and rangers Ars pilgrimages in France, 30 Oct-2 Nov. For ex: a bus of 50 Polish rangers and a bus of 25 Polish and 16 Ukrainian rovers, important delegations from Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, etc. That's really great.  


The French Association has sent an invitation to all the associations to participate in the 2010 edition of Seeonee, a master camp for Akelas. Thank you, France, for your generosity. All are invited to participate.  

5. European Training Camp (formerly known as Gilwell project) 21-28 August 2010

Nicoletta Orzes from Italy and Juan Carlos Corvera Cordoba from Spain are together chiefs of this project of the camp which will be un important instrument of the common formation and thus of the unity in our International Union. They will know complete their respective teams and work on the details.

6. Herbstein/Germany 10 Oct 2009

The General Extraordinary Assembly of our German catholic association was held. The Federal Commissioner was invited. The ceremony of the recognition of Hanni Christoph as the General Guides Commissioner took place. For the time being, there is no General Scout Commissioner of the KPE. Let's pray for one. They also decided on some modifications of their statutes to put them into conformity with the Fundamental Textes of the Union, as our Textes are now registered with the Holy See.

7. Chateau-Landon, 17-18 Oct 2009

There was a meeting of the Federal Bureau (Father Boguslaw Migut, Jean-Yves Barbara, Juan Carlos Corvera Cordoba, Zbigniew Minda, Jeanne Taillefer). Giovanni de Franchi was not there due to the strike of the Orly airport last Friday. Marie-Therese Joye from France joined as new deputy federal commissioner. For the time being, Marie-Therese mission is to have a signature in the legal acts regarding the Union as a legal person in France. We have talked a lot about the EUROPEAN TRAINING CAMP project (Nicoletta and Juan Carlos are in charge of it and in Soriano 6-7 March 2010 they will present us their conclusions) and about the FSE Strategy for 2020, which also will be discussed in our Soriano meeting.

In parallel, there was a meeting of all the French Province Commissioners and French National Team. Marie-Camille Borde and Benoit de Maupeou, the French General Commissioners are puting in place a very interesting development strategy. They will tell us about it in Soriano.

8. Warsaw, 24 Oct 2009

The Polish association organises this day a big conference on Europe ("The Soul of Europe") in the Warsaw University. They made a big effort of the Public Relation in the occasion of this conference (national press, radio, TV) and encouraged all the chiefs to come for the conference with a least one new non-scout friend. A lot of apostolic entusiasm. The federal commissioner will intervene. We hope to receive an interesting relation with photos from Anna Mikos and Marcin Kruk, Polish general commissioners.

9. ITALIAN DVD: there is an excellent DVD with 6 short films about our scouting made by the Italian association.

It calls "Cittadini degni del Vangelo". Very well conceived, very good images, a fantastic portrait of our mouvement. Thank you Italy for this! The French and Polish associations have already this DVD. Please do not hesitate to contact Maria Luisa and Pietro to have one.

10. TWINNINGS: common camps

It seems that it works... For 2010 there will be, for ex. a common wandering camp to Fatima of the 4 teams of rangers from Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Poland. There is a German-Polish project of a common camp in Poland.


To facilitate the common projects between the unities, already 5 associations have chosen their referent : Elena Sherisheva for Russia, Pavel Hrakovich for Belarus, Marie-Michelle Constant for AESQ Canada, Victoria Corbett for Switzerland and Jean-François Mattelaer for Belgium (for him you don’t have his e-address yet: jean-fr.mattelaer@telenet.be. Please use these contacts to do a lot of common projects between scouts and guides. Put always the messages for info of the General Commissioners concerned and of the Federal Commissioner.


Not all the informations come up to the Federal level, so we cannot inform about everything. Please do not hesitate to contribute to "the destruction" of the Federal commissioner mail box...And the one of Jeanne Taillefer (jeanne-taillefer@guides-scouts.eu), as well. It is important that we communicate directly via e-mail between the general commissioners, giving brief info with a photo, on what is going on.


The Polish association is going to translate and publish two important books on our history: La vraie historie de Scouts d'Europe de Jean-Luc Angelis and Leggere le tracce, an italian collective publication. Thank you Poland, for this initiative destined to strenghten our identity and unity.


Hubert Nakoneczny, responsible for the finances of Eurojam 2003 and Euromoot 2007, in his quality of the expert of the National Bank of Poland, signed an important UNIDROIT Convention on the Law applicable to the transfer of securities held with the intermediary, as an official plenipotentiary of the Polish Government. Bravo, Hubert! Congratulations.