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FSE Newsletter 12

Zbigniew Minda HR, 2011-01-05 Tagi: Europa, fse-newsletter

FSE Newsletter 12, 12 March 2010 (English)


6-7 March in Soriano, Italy, a meeting of General Commissioners was held (on the photo: David Sanchez, Switzerland and Marcin Kuczaj, Poland). The people from France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Lituania, Romania, Belarus, Switzerland, Germany EPE and Austria were present. The meeting was dedicated to the strategic issues: Spain presented its developpment strategy in the last 8 years, France spoke about the current situation of the association and of the developpments tools they are using. 

Special attention was payed to Italy, which talked about general situation of the association. All 6 National Branch Commissioners of Italy presented their respective branches. The questions of Madrid 2011 and of 12 Stars Camp in Germany in August 2010 were also debated and decisions taken. 


The Central Committee of WYD Madrid 2011, proposed to UIGSE-FSE to organize and to manage a main, great camping area for the pilgrims, close to the main aerodrome, where the Pope meeting with the participants will be held. The General Commissioners in Soriano accepted this idea. This would be a scout style camp with our installations and with the infrastructure designed by us, but executed and paid by the General Committee. General Commissioners foresee a participation of at least 1000 rovers and rangers. 200 people will be needed to organize and manage the camping area and the rest, 800 people, would be available for other volunteer services. Our Spanish Commissioners together with the Central Committee will determine this volunteer service. The WYD Madrid 2011 will be held from 16 to 21 August. Many FSE associations plan pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela before the Madrid meeting and they all want some kind of exclusive event of all FSE participants the day before services in Madrid start. For the 1000 Guides and Scouts of Europe, it will be necessary to be there before and after the event. The dates would be : arrival on 13th. From 14th to 15th, settlement and UIGSE meeting. From 16th to 21st, WYD. 22nd & 23rd, unsettlement and departure.


This yearly traditional meeting of German Scots of Europe took place on March 6th-7th. 31 groups took part in this competition (9 patrols, 10 groups, 5 Fires, 3 instrumental groups and 4 choirs !). The technical level was quite high, so it took some time for the jury to determine the winners. Meanwhile, some films presenting Summer camps and roads were projected to the participants, among which parents who were mostly interested to discover the activities of their children. Next appointment: February 12th 2011, in Neu-Ulm. All Guides and Scouts of Europe from all the countries are invited. Let?s make of this meeting a great international event, OK? So, note down the dates in your diaries right now.


We informed in our November FSE Newsletter, that Marcin Kruk, Polish General Commissioner, had a meeting with Archbishop Henryk Hoser from Warsaw-Praga (on the right side of Vistula river-please see the map of the diocese on the photo), on 3rd November, in which they agreed on the developpment of Scouts of Europe in his diocese. On Sunday, 28 February 2010, a special team set by Marcin for this purpose, organised a presentation of our scouting to 150 boys aged 16-18 from all the diocese, who are taking part in a special lector formation organised by the diocese. At least 20 of them expressed interest of becoming scout or to organise scouting in their respective parishes. 

Another example of the developpment initiative is Rzeszow, an important city of the south-eastern part of Poland. On 11th March a special team of Polish chiefs made a presentation of our scouting to 300 boys and girls aged 17-19 from the best private high school of the city runned by the Sisters of Presentation. More than 30 of them showed an interest leaving their addresses to contact them. Let's accompany all these initiatives with our prayer.


My name is Fernando Rodriguez from Madrid, Spain. At the moment, I am finishing my studies as Informatics? Engineer (Computer Science). I spend most of my leisure in the mountain, I love it. I practice a lot of sport such as rock climbing, ice climbing, alpinism, trekking and mountain bike. Every week-end I can, I try to overcome the challenges that the mountain offers to me. Another hobby is photography. My first contact with scouts was in 1998, at the age of 12. I was eager to meet a group of friends to go camping. I looked for a few days, till I found a scout group near my house. Fortunately, it was a FSE group. I remained a boy scout for 5 years, among which 3 as patrol leader. I have kept excellent memories of my boy scout period. I?ll never forget my last activity in the troop: it was the Eurojam 2003 in Poland. Then I became a Pilot. It was a very difficult period, with a lot of doubts but, thanks to my Pilot Godfather, I decided to choose a service as Troop assistant leader for two years. Now, it is my third year as a troop leader, in the unit where I was a boy scout. It is a great satisfaction to offer to the boys the same or even better experiences than I had at their age. My Pilot Godfather used to say "the more you give, the more you receive". After 3 years as patrol leader, 2 years as assistant leader and 3 years as troop leader, I am absolutely sure that this sentence is right.


In August 1957 an Euro-Camp was held between the Scouts of Europe groups from Marburg, Munster (Germany) and Paris (France) in Porlezza, Italy, on the Lugano Lake, 100 km north from Milan. The French group was composed of Russian Orthodox living in Paris. The German took previously contact with Archbishop Montini from Milan, who was to visit the camp, but the bad weather obliged him to change the plan. 15 August 1957, the Scouts of Europe came to the city of Porlezza, where they were received by Archbishop Montini, who was spending his holidays there. He said to them: "It's a great joy having been received by young Europeans who are for me the best guarantee of the creation of Europe of the future, because there are young boys who are determined to do so. I am particulary pleased to see here Germans, French and Russians melted fraternally; moreover they are Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox, who with the same heart have come to welcome me here. I wish with all my heart that their work for Europe and Peace be fruitfull. Scouts of Europe, my best wishes accompany you!"