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FSE Newsletter 14

Zbigniew Minda HR, 2011-01-05 Tagi: Europa, fse-newsletter

FSE Newsletter 14, 19th May 2010 (English)

FRANCE: Schuman Declaration Anniversary: 9th May 1950

French FSE association together with Metz and Verdun civil and Church authorities organised an event "Le 9 En Europe" 7-9 May 2010 to commemorate the famous Schuman Declaration which was the fundament of the European unity. Marie-Camille Borde, general commissioner (on the photo in the middle), Franck Drouet, deputy general commissioner, Severine Deleplanque, commissioner of the FSE province of Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine (on the photo, first from the left), Jeanne Taillefer, UIGSE secretary, Zbigniew Minda, federal commissioner and other chiefs were present. 

We were invited to the press conference together with other personalities, politicians, deputies, ministers and ecclesiatic authorities during which we showed the parallel between Schuman?s great plan of 1950 and a modest initiative of 20 young Germans of 1956, our FSE founders. We showed FSE as a practical realisation by the civil society of what Schuman said in his declaration:  "Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity." The FSE speech was very appreciated by the audience.

Saturday 8th in the night a great inscenisation before thousands of people took place in Scy-Chazelles, the place where Robert Schuman lived. It was about Robert Schuman, the recent French-German history from wars (1870,1914,1940) to the reconciliation grace to Schuman initiative in 1950. The last scene was about the future of Europe. Suddenly we saw the French FSE troop (1st of Metz) apearing in the scene with the Baussant and the people applauding! (on the photo). Congratulation, guys.

Guides and Scouts of Europe from Metz and generally from Lorraine and Alsace FSE provinces organise a lot of common activities with our German FSE association, both showing that what Schuman and FSE founders from 1956 began in terms of French-German reconciliation is still alive, fresh and attractive for young people. On the photo you can see the French and German guides of Europe during a common winter camp in January 2010 in German Schwarzwald (Baden-Wurtemberg).

ITALY: Solidarity with  Pope Benedict XVI "Regina coeli" 16 May 2010

All the Italian lay catholic associations  took initiative to encourage all the catholics to pray in the special way for the Pope Benedict XVI during Regina coeli Sunday 16 May 2010. At the invitation of our Italian FSE association, the whole  International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe joined  this initiative and prayed for the Pope on Sunday 16 May.

ITALY: An initiative to commemorate 100 years of girl guiding

Our Italian FSE association would like to commemorate in a special way, the 100th anniversary of Girl Guiding. Maria Luisa Faotto <commguida@fse.it>, general guide commissioner, invites all the associations to share initiatives, exchange documents and experiences on the specificity of the scouting for girls. The Federal commissioner welcomes this initiative and encourages all guide sections to benefit from the expertise of others, especially France and Italy, in this matter. 

RUSSIA, POLAND, UKRAINE: Kursk Mobile Camps 1-5 May 2010

Our Russian Scouts of Europe association is launching  the Red Branch. For this occasion they organised two parallel mobile camps in the Kursk region in the south of Russia, 500 km on the south of Moscou, from 1 to 5 May 2010.  The rovers and rangers from Ukraine (from the city of Leopolis) and Poland (from Warsaw and Lublin) also participated (on the photo Russian, Polish and Ukrainian chiefs of the camp). There were rovers and rangers from St. Petersburg, Kursk and Kamchatka. 

SLOVAKIA: Scouts of Europe Promotion Event in Kosice and Presov

The Slovak FSE association took part in the Familiy Day organised by the city of Kosice on the main square of the city. Kosice is the second important city of Slovakia, the capital of the Eastern part of the country. On the photo you can see the stand that they organised to attract people's attention, distribute the publications, explain our scouting. They will do the same in Presov next week. 

POLAND: Guides of Europe National Patrols Jambo

More than 250 Polish guides of Europe took part in the great jambo (called in Polish Harce Majowe) from 1 to 3 May 2010 not far from Radom, 100 km south from Warsaw.

BELARUS: Belarus and Polish Rovers Common Mobile Camp 7-9 May 2010

Our FSE Belarus association, in the line of launching the Red Branch, organised a mobile camp to Rosica, in the north of the country, from 7 to 9 May 2010. Polish rovers from Garwolin (60 km south-east from Warsaw) took part in this activity. There were 3 new Belarusian Rover Scouts departure cermonies. 

POLAND, UKRAINE: Scouts of Europe National Patrols Jambo

More than 400 Polish scouts of Europe, as well as two FSE patrols from Ukraine, took part in the great traditional jambo (in Polish: HARCE MAJOWE) of the patrols in Żelazko (the place of Eurojam 2003) in Poland from 1 to 3 May 2010. This national jambo is organised every two years. It consisted of a series of competitions between the patrols and of a final game. 

The Harce Majowe jamboo was visited by Giovanni Franchi from Rome, our federal president. On the photo with Mateusz Wnęt, troop chief from Radom, Poland.

ITALY: French-Italian FSE Activity 11-16 April 2010

Thanks to the Italian UIGSE newletter, a French scout troop from Brignais was welcomed by the troop Rome 64 for a 5 day "marathon" programme in Rome in April: participation to the Holy Father?s audience on Wednesday, visit of the Baroque Rome, guided by Andrea, Italian patrol leader of the Otters (Forsythe troop), afternoon meeting in common with the Italian patrols, sharing of a ?departure pizza? offered by the Parish priest with all the units of the group : a great experience of brotherhood and exchange !

CANADA: contacts full of promise

Paul Ritchi met the bishop in charge of Lay Movements in the diocese of Toronto, His Excellency Bishop MacGratton. He is very interested in our Movement, wants to meet our youth and our leaders. He views our movement as being very important to our youth and our Church. He is ready to support our development and gave Paul some interesting ideas and contacts.

BELARUS: Father Adamczyk?s Speech to the Priests of Minsk Diocese

On the invitation of Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, roman-catholic metropolite of Minsk-Mohylev, Father Marek Adamczyk, Polish national FSE religious adviser (on the photo during Eurojam 2003), togehter with Father Piotr Zamaria, rangers' religious adviser, gave a conference, in Minsk on 6th May 2010, on our scouting to a group of 100 priests from the Minsk diocese. The chiefs of the Belarus FSE association were also present. 


A weekend (14th-16th May) for free patrols net (guides) took place in Kaunas, in Pazaislis monastery. It was a preparation for the summer camp which topic is "North American Indians". Guides learnt to make installations, cook on the fire and had fun playing "the great game" and during evening fire. There were 3 patrols (14 guides, 4 of them made their promise). 


My name is Zina Savelyeva. I'm 18 years old. I live in St. Petersburg (Russia). I study medicine. I have been in ORIUR  since I was 15 years old. For some months I was a guide in a patrol, then  patrol leader for one year, then assistant chief for one year and at present I am a chief of guide company. For me it's very important to work in ORIUR, because here I find the most interesting, knowing their mission, kind and simply good people that in the modern world you will not find easily. I like very much the chief?s work in the guide company because we are all friends, it is easy to me to find with them common language. In my plans while to be the company chief also to move ahead on guide progression and to give my ranger?s promise. Last year I was in the pilgrimage of Ars and this year, together with a Polish FSE company from Chełm I will make a camp in France with my company.