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Zbigniew Minda HR, 2009-10-31

FSE Newsletter 2, 31 October 2009

1. Kamtschatka (Russia)

There are Russian Scouts of Europe in Kamtschatka! It's farer to East than Japan! Elena Tiagileva, the General Guides Commissioner lives there.

Polish rovers from Warsaw with their chief Franciszek Podlacha want to go to Kamtschatka next year to realise there a social project and common activities with Russian scouts. Bravo Franciszek for your generosity. May you both profit from this.

2. French Guides and Scouts of Europe: implantations

Please note that there is a very good map of the implantations of our guides and scouts in France. Look at http://www.scouts-europe.org/accueillir/index.shtml#france

The most important cities are indicated as well as the contact e-mail. To study this map is also a very good exercice of the French geography.

3. IMPEESA National Scout Game in France

The French Scouts of Europe are preparing a national game which will take place 16-19 July 2010 in Le Caylar, near Montpellier. The troops from all over the Europe are invited. There is already one Polish troop, 11th Warsaw, which wants to have there a common camp with the Franch troop from Les Pamiers, near Touluse. Then they will participate in the National Game.

4. Italian Guides and Scouts of Europe: implantations

There is a very good map of our italian guides and scouts implantations: please look at http://www.fse.it/ and then click on ACCOGLIERE. This map is even more detailed than the French one. You have districts and e-mail contacts and links to the particular scouts groups pages. Please note that there are three main Scouts of Europe implantations in Italia: Veneto Region (in the north-east), Lazio Region (Rome and its region), Sicilia. In other regions we are also present.

5. BELGOJAM 2010

Our Belgian association organises a great national camp of all the association form 16 to 19 July 2010. You can also see the addresses of all the Belgian groups at:


6. Polish Guides and Scouts of Europe implantations

Please look at the very interesting map made on Google Maps in the Polish association web page: http://www.fse.pl/index.php?page=3&subpage=1

They indicate all the unities with our FSE Cross and if you click on the cross you will have the e-mail address of the chief of the unity. The green graphics are the contacts to the chief of the territorial hierarchy. It's really helpful!

7. Argentina

There are catholic scouts in Argentina, who contacted us because they like very much our style and pedagogy of Guides and Scouts of Europe. We now are trying to know them a bit more and see what is their spirit and pedagogy. Surely it is not easy to imagine how can we work together due to the distance. But looking at our canadian and russian (Kamtschatka!) experience we can be sure that the scout spirit will go accross the oceans and even the siberian tajga.

8. Polish-Slovak wandering camp in 2010

It seems that there will be a common wandering camp in Slovakia of Polish (Warsaw) and Slovak rovers next year.


There are more and more scout families who are writing to General Commissioners and Federal Commissioner, willing to invite to their houses a scout family from other country for the vacations 2010. For example a young Polish scout familiy of Marek Nieoczym from Lublin (Poland) wants to invite a scout family form other country for 1-2 weeks in 2010. Please do not hesitate to contact Jeanne Taillefer or directly Federal Commissioner, who can act as brokers for these exchanges.

10. Conference "The Soul of Europe" in the Warsaw University, 24 Oct 2009

The conference on our common christian and european identity was organised by the Polish Scouts of Europe association. There were a good press and TV coverage of the conference and more than 200 participants. Some of the speakers were: Dariusz Karłowicz, a philosophe of young generation, Prof Franciszek Longchamps de Berier, priest and profesor of Roman Law in the Jagiellon University of Cracow (from a hugenot French family which emigrated to Poland in 18th century and converted to the catholicism), Tomasz Merta, deputy minister for the culture and national heritage. Please find enclosed two photos form the conference: in the first Zbigniew Korba, former Polish general commissioner and responsible for the conference, in the second Jarosław Sroka, president of the Polish association with Tomasz Merta on the left and Piotr Dardziński, chief of John Paul II Center of the City of Warsaw, an important municipal institution to spread the JPII message.  

11. Vezelay/Ars 2009

It begins in few days. It is very important for the French red branch of the two sections. There will be of course all French rangers (Ars), more than 500 and rovers (Vezelay), more than 2000, but also the delegations from: Belgium (40 rovers), Germany (15 rovers), Poland (50 rangers, 35 rovers), Roumania, Spain (8 rangers, 23 rovers), Portugal (3 rovers), Switzerland (27 rovers), Lithuania (4 rangers and 1 rover) and Russia (3 rangers).

Physically or spiritualy, we are all there... Thank you France, for your generosity in receiving so many foreign delegations.

12. News

We are waiting for more news from all the countries. Please do not hesitate to use all these infos in your national web pages and distribute them to whom you want.