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Zbigniew Minda HR, 2009-11-05

FSE Newsletter 3, 5 November 2009

1. Vezelay/Ars 2009

More than 2000 French rovers in Vezelay and more than 600 French rangers in Ars together with many rangers and rovers from other countries with the delegations from Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania. Enthousiasm, fervent prayer, beautiful songs, lines to the confession. A lot of common initiatives between the unities from different countries will take place in the summer 2010, grace to the twinnings during the pilgrimage. Great. Thank you, France!

2. Fatima 5-7 December 2009

There will be a meeting of two National Teams: Spanish and Portugese. This an example of how to create a synergy between two associations.

3. Warsaw: How Guides and Scouts of Europe Motivate to Be Good at School

Maria, guide chief from Warsaw writes: " Sometimes girls and their parents fear scouting will take too much time and leave them with less time to study. But, from my experience, I know that's not true: I have in my troop girls who are the best in their schools, the exams passed for 100% on different levels, after the primary school and after secondary school, they could choose the best colleges in the city, the medium of the notes very high, a lot of extraschool activities like choirs, guitar and so on, too much to enumerate everything. Scouting motivates to work hard. You have a lot of time to be good at school, to study seriously, to be active in the scouting and to have other activities as well. I can give many examples".

4. Romania

Scouts of Europe form Rumania held their General Assembly on 24 th October. They have new a General Guide Commissioner whose name is Alexandra Farcas. Thank you Alexandra for having accepted this service and good luck! Alexandra attended several international meetings (Budapest 2008 and Herbstein 2009) so some of you already know her.

5. Italy

Our Italian association has chosen their responsible for the European dimension: Loriana PISON. She will constitute a team of people to motivate chief on different levels to take contacts with our units in other countries, to make common projects. She will also be available for everybody from other countries desiring to make a common project with an italian unit.

6. Spain

The Spanish association organizes a national meeting of chiefs of YELLOW branch in Castellon from 4th to 8th December this year.

7. Poland

The Polish association organizes a formation weekend for the chiefs of Free Patrols Web in Warsaw from December 11th to 13th. The main speaker would be Olivier Jourdan, responsible for the Araignee Web in France. All the associations are invited.

8. England

We have been contacted by an English man with Italian origins, who knew the Scouts of Europe in France, where he goes every summer to spend holidays with his family. As Marek Smid, the president of Slovak association, remains in London till May 2010 for his studies, he will contact our Englishman to see how to proceed. The italians also informed that there is at least one former chief from Rome, now in London, who potentially could be at disposal for some kind of service in this project. A good example of "european synergy". Let's pray for this mission.

9. Warsaw

Marcin Kruk, Polish General Scout Commissioner, together with his team, met Mgr Hoser, archbishop of one of the two dioceses in which the Polish capital is divided (this on the right side of Vistula). Mgr Hoser used to live in France for many years, he knows us from this time and has great esteem for our work. He expressed his wish to have a lot Scouts of Europe in his diocesis and promised all kind of help. He and Marcin agreed to held meetings regularly to keep informed one another on the progress of the developpment. Marcin is settling a special team to explore this extraordinary possibility.

10. Switzerland

David Sanchez, Swiss General Scout Commissioner, is preparing an international trainning camp in Switzerland, from 20 to 27 February 2010, probably in Einseideln. Swiss, French, Belgian, Polish participants are expected to come as well as chiefs from different countries. All countries are invited. It will be a camp with snow in the Swiss Alps. Absolutely fantastic. What a synergy.

11. Portugal

Rangers from Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Poland (one ranger unit form each country) are preparing a common wandering camp-pilgrimage to Fatima in August 2010. A good example of a common project. Thank you for this initiative.

12. Slovakia

Our Slovak association will hold its General Assembly on 27-29 November in Juskova Vol'a, not far from Kosice, in the eastern part of the country. They will work on the strategic issues for their association, especially on the quality of the pedagogical formation and on the harmonious developpement. They are already more than 100 members, most in the eastern part of the country.

13. Sweden

We have been contacted by a Swedish student from Stockholm, catholic, who had a contact with Scouts of Europe from Germany. He is interested in starting sth in Stockholm. Let's pray for this.

14. Lviv (Leopolis): Ukraine

The chiefs from ukrainian association invites Polish and Slovak chiefs, and others of course, to come to Leopolis to great party on the occasion of New Year on 31st December. They have a  big scout local with the splendid panorama of their beautiful city-capital of Western Ukraine, which is the typical austrian-hungarian empire style like Vienna, Prague, Budapest and Cracow. There will be a greekcatholic liturgy at noon New Year in the Basilian monastery close to their local.