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FSE Newsletter 6

Zbigniew Minda HR, 2011-01-05 Tagi: Europa, fse-newsletter

FSE Newsletter 6, 8th December 2009 (English)


The French association offers a range of training camps for each branch, as you can see on their site. There is a long tradition of welcoming brothers and sisters from other countries, as long as they can understand the language (you may come with your private translator). So don?t hesitate to send your leaders in one of these camps. 

For the yellow branch (boys and girls) : http://www.scouts-europe.org/grandir/louvetisme/cep.shtml

 For the green branch (girls) : http://www.scouts-europe.org/grandir/eclaireuses/cep.shtml

For the green branch (boys) : http://www.scouts-europe.org/grandir/eclaireurs/6-coin-maitrise/CEP/cep.shtml

For the red branch, rangers (girls) : http://www.scouts-europe.org/grandir/feu/rega.shtml

For the red branch, rovers (boys) : http://route.scouts-europe.org/-Routes-ecoles- (not updated yet)


Italian Guides and Scouts of Europe from groups 12 and 15 Roma, went to Ghana for more than two weeks, last August, with 12 Rovers and Rangers and other members of their parish St Nicola di Bari di Ostia. Once in the country, they could visit some Missions, meet some African young people, serve in some villages together with Ghana people, make scout games. What a perspective of service! You can find more info on: http://www.guanelliani.org/dettaglio.jsp?sezione=1127&idOggetto=7125&lingua=ITA


Do you know the Kudu Horn? Brought back by Baden Powell from South Africa, it has just appeared in Switzerland! It is a fantastic newsletter. It gives news of the Union, information about international contacts and projects from all Europe (Belgium, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Rumania, Ukraine, France, Slovakia ; it also presents the national board of the association, the national team, the groups existing or starting in the country, the new commissions in all directions, the calendar 2010, the training camps for next year, the efforts for each branch, the pedagogical documents which are on line, an invitation to worship the Holy Sacrament? You can visit the site on : www.scouts-europe.ch? 11 pages of a thorough presentation of this association. It is full of dynamism. Well done ! If you want to receive this first KUDU HORN, ask Victoria Corbett (victoria.corbett@scouts-europe.ch) who is referent for Europe.


The General Council of the Slovak Guides and Scouts of Europe wa held on 28-29 November 2009 in Juskova Vola, in the eastern Slovakia. There were present: Marek Smid, president, his sister Maria Smidova, vicepresident (the second from the left on the photo), Kamil Nemcik, assistant for scouts (the first from the left in the photo), Maria Mrugova, assistant for guides, Father Milan Lach SJ, spiritual assistant, Katarina Hlinkova, the chief quartermaster (the first from the right on the photo), Monika Hlinkova, finance minister and others. There were also invited guests from Ukraine: Olga Koval, General Guide Commissioner and Pavlo Ohirko, president. And the Federal Commissioner was also attending the meeting. A great organizational culture: for each topic a referent, each referent prepared with the Power Point presentation. Excellent.


Two patrols exist in Bohemia. By the end of the year, one new guide patrol and one new scout patrol will start in Litomerice. Wolf cubs should start from September next year. Rovers have scheduled formation. Ondřej Boháč - Stepan's brother - is now the district commissioner. He is doing his best to develop the Czech association, by presenting it in Usti nad Labem, Uherske Hradiste (in Moravia), by meeting the Archbishop?s high school in Prague and the parish of St. Prokop in Prague. He would like to reach as many priests as possible in order to get the support from the Church. It is a hard work, especially because there are only 4 people for the development, but with the help of foreign brothers and sisters, they are full of hope. Don?t hesitate to communicate with them, to meet them when you go to Prague (a beautiful town to visit!), to send some of your units for camps in Bohemia or Moravia. Any help will be appreciated.


A meeting of the CLIM (clan intermaitrise) of the Belgian Guides and Scouts of Europe was held in Brussels on 4th December 2009. First there was a Holy Mass celebrated by the recently ordained Father Emmanuel de Ruyver from our movement. You can see him in the Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/Emmanuel-de-Ruyver/119698668028?v=info&ref=sgm Father Emmanuel during the years was actively helping to create our movement in Albania. After the Holy Mass the ceremony of the recognition of two General Commissioners, Benedicte Jones and Charles-Eric Clesse, was held in the presence of the President of Belgian Association, Patrice de Ruyver and the Federal Commissioner.


Austeja Gudaite writes: Being with my best friends from scouts and Franciscan youth, sharing, smiling, trying not to give up and keeping in touch with Him -  it is the center of my life and my strength. I have been in the European scout movement since 2006. So it's just the beginning. But I believe that scouting has found me :) I am really happy for being a member of this big and beautiful family, which is trying to make a better world around. Now I am an assistant of Free Patrol leader and have a service with guides. In Vilnius there are just 2 patrols of guides, but we are growing. We also have one team of rangers and it is named after Saint Faustina. This year I have entered university, to study law and management. I am also a member of the Catholic community - Franciscan youth. We have youth Mass and evenings, different social, cultural and ecological activities. Moreover, a few years ago, I finished 10 years musical school, the violin class. So on my free time I take my violin, in order not to forget how to play. I like to take pictures. You can visit my picasa album here and watch some photos from scout experience in Lithuania - http://www.facebook.com/l/8b62e;picasaweb.google.lt/bituzele/SpecialybiuStovykla2008Birzelio28Liepos1dPlateliai#

 As B.P said : "Where there is a wish, there is a way"