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FSE Newsletter 7

Zbigniew Minda HR, 2011-01-05 Tagi: Europa, fse-newsletter

FSE Newsletter 7, 23 grudnia 2009 r. (English version)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

"Dear Guides and Scouts of Europe, you are a PRECIOUS GIFT not only for the Church but also for the new Europe that is being built under your eyes." John Paul II 2003

From Federal Bureau: Marie-Therese Joye, Jeanne Taillefer, Juan Carlos Corvera Cordoba, Giovanni de Franchi, Gunther Walter, Jean-Yves Barbara, Father Boguslaw Migut, Zbigniew Minda.




Our Scouts of Europe from Belarus participated in the ceremony of the Peace Light in the Minsk Cathedral last Sunday. The Roman-Catholic Archbishop of Minsk, Mgr Kondrusiewicz (on the photo) made a pretty good promotion of our scouting during the ceremony, as Pavel Hrakovich, Belarus General Scout Commissioner, says.


The training for the Free Patrol Net Leaders was held in Warsaw on 12-13 December.

The main speaker was Olivier Jourdan, French Araignee Chief (on the photo with Olia Harasewich from Belarus). There were about 30 participants from Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Lituania. Fortunately, not only Olivier made them work hard, but also Michał Pałamarz and Małgorzata Sobich, two respective chiefs of Poland Free Patrols Net, prepared a Warsaw By Night visit and a dinner in a good Old Town restaurant.


The General Council of the ORIUR association was held on 12-13 December in St Petersburg in the presence of Federal Commissioner. Even Elena Tyagileva, General Guide Commissioner, who lives in Kamtschatka was present! 

In St Peterbsburg there are 4 boys troops and 2 girls companies (on the photo from the left: Valia Szaburina, company chief in Novogrod, Natasha, company chief in St Petersburg, Vera Ageeva, National Guides Commissioner). They had already a lot of common camps with French, German and Polish Scouts of Europe. Valia and Natasha want to have a Polish company in their summer camp 2010. Another chief of company from St Petersburg, Zina, plans to go to France for a an international summer camp 2010 with her company together with a French, Polish and German companies. 

Vera Ageeva and Ruslan, her husband, who is National Scout Commissioner (on the photo standing on the left during summer Jamboree 2009), warmly invite Scouts of Europe units from all over the Europe to come to Russia for a camp and then for a visit of the amazingly beautiful city of St. Petersburg.


There are English speaking Scouts of Europe in Canada, as you can see on the photo. The Federation of North American Explorers (FNE) is a fruit of the World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, where our Federal President Giovanni de Franchi met for the first time with Paul Ritchi, who is now FNE chief. They are now more than 150, still growing and with a strong motivation to become bigger.


Lyntupy is a small town of about 2000 inhabitants in the north-western Belarus, close to Lituanian border. 

In September 2009 a company of Guides of Europe was founded by Ewa Bielecka from Poland, who lives there (on the photo, kneeling on the right). Ewa became herself a guide just little before, in the trainning camp JADWIGA in Poland in August 2009. Now she has already 5 patrols. Congratulations, Ewa and thank you for this extraordinary example. The Guides and Scouts of Europe from all over Europe are looking with joy at your work.



Błażej, which stands for Blaise, 23 years old, is studying in two faculties: German Philology and Internation Relations in Warsaw University. He is now in Toulouse, France, for  Erasmus. He is one of the best students. He is Chief of the Warsaw 11. This is one of the biggest troops in Poland, with 5 patrols. In the 2009 summer camp, the 35 scouts participated. Błażej gives a good example of using the european dimension of our movement to motivate his scouts, especially Patrol Leaders. He has already made a troop activity in Vilnius, Lituania, in 2007, together with the lituanian Scouts of Europe and a Patrol Leaders activity in Lviv, Ukraine, in 2008,  together with the ukrainian Scouts of Europe. Next year, Błażej wants to play a bigger game: he wants his troop to make a summer camp in France together with a French troop (1st Val d'Yvette/ Yvelines) and then to participate in the Great National Game Impeesa in July 2010. Błażej has an authentic scout "foreign policy". A good example to follow.