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FSE Newsletter 8

Zbigniew Minda HR, 2011-01-05 Tagi: Europa, fse-newsletter

FSE Newsletter 8, 22 January 2010 (English version)


The yearly French National Meeting of Religious Advisers will be held in Montmartre on 25-26 January.  The following themes will be: the role of the Religious Adviser in each branch, project of a booklet (vade mecum) of the Religious Adviser, presentation of the yearly theme ("Searchers of truth"), reflection on the AGSE and Europe and on the mission of the priest in a movement of lay people. The federal commissioner and the federal religious adviser will attend this meeting and present the mission of the Union.

ITALY "Europe team": already 10 people, around Loriana Pison, who is the "referent for Europe". They have worked on plenty of international projects during the week-end of January 17th (last week-end), such as: the present situation of the Union, the steps made by the Italian association up to now, the aims of their team at short and long term, the first concrete actions, the dispatching of tasks, and several international projects in all directions (Belgojam, Belarus, training camps in Poland, twinnings, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Serbia?). "Fasten your belts before taking off" and wait for the results of this fantastic Italian brandnew brainstorming in the next Newsletter!


The Iberic Peninsula is planning training camps in common. This needs a lot of specific preparations. So in December the national teams met in Fatima for a whole week-end and worked very hard. The leaders' families attended too. So their children are gradually discovering the international dimension at the same time!

1 - 8 AUGUST - Training Mobile Camp for Rovers and Rangers (CEP 1 degree) to Fatima/Portugal.

8 -15 AUGUST- Training camps 1 and 2 degree Scouts, Guides and Cub-Scouts in Batalha/Portugal. 7 - 8 AUGUST in Fatima/Portugal - The Spanish-Portugese Chief and Families Meeting
Contacts: Almeida Ana Patricia: (Portugal)
Sanchez Horneros Juan Pedro: (Spain)


The 8th "music and instrument scout festival" will take place in Neu-Ulm on March 6th 2010. It is a competition of the best songs (invented or not) performed by the units of all scout units who want, not only KPE units. Contact: Kornelia Schneider info@kpe.de


At Easter time, several training courses are organized in Rixfeld/Herbstein from April 5th  to 11th for Akelas and their assistants, patrol guide leaders, company leaders and assistants. At the same dates, in Jobstgreuth, for patrol scout leaders? And from April 7th to 11th, in Schlüchtern, for troop leaders and assistants. Contact: Kornelia Scheinder info@kpe.de


First, common, ukrainian-polish New Year Party took place in Lviv (Leopolis), capital of the Western Ukraine on 31st December. There were chiefs from Lublin (Poland) and from Lviv, IvanoFrankovsk, Chmielnickij (Ukraine). On the photo Kasia (chief of company from Lviv/Ukraine) and Paweł (chief of troop from Lublin/Poland).


Polish Scouts of Europe from Warsaw participated as actors (on the photo from the left Benedykt Kula, one of our cub-scouts) as well as in the service in Three Wise Men Event on 3rd January.


10 000 people participated in this great traditional event in the presence of the Warsaw Mayor and Warsaw Archbishop. All the national channels covered this event. Polish association contact: Bartosz Mleczko: fse@fse.pl


First ukrainian FSE Calendar appeared in Ukraine on 7th January, Christmas Day (according to Ortthodox and Byzantine Catholic calendar). The project is of Anna Betlejewska-Rogowska from our Polish association.


A small village near Gryfów Śląski in the south-western corner of Polish teritory. Just before Christmas, they celebrated 10 years of their group. Only founded in 1999 by Father Stanislaw Bakes, they organised 12 Stars Camp for the General and National Commissioners in 2001. 

Anna Mikos, now the Polish General Commissioner (on the photo during the celebrations in Rząsiny) is from there as well as 2 current and 2 former National Commissioner Guides and Rangers. Congratulations. Anna Mikos: anna.mikos@fse.pl.


Litomerice is a city of 25,000 inhabitants, 70 km north from Prague, Czech capital. This is a region of Usti nad Labem, which is considered the least catholic (or the most atheist) region in the country. Nevertheless, in November 2008 a free patrol of Scouts of Europe was created there. Another patrol will be created in the capital of the region Usti nad Labem, 25 km from Litomerice.


The bishop of Litomerice is delighted and is helping a lot. He even payed them the travel for the activity in Prague, Sunday 17 January. If we can start in the most atheist region, where we could not? Besides Litomerice and Usti, in the Czech Republic we are in Prague. In the spring 2010 they want to start the first group in Moravy (the most catholic region of the country), in the small town of Uherskie Hardiste, 30 km south from Brno, capital of the region. Vojtech Alexa, troop chief of Litomerice.


In the summer 2009 a group of 20 young people, ukrainians from origin, from Zagreb, capital of Croatia, took part in a camp in Ukraine organised by the Ukrainian State for the diaspora. There were our ukrainian rovers organising some activities for them in our style. The croatians liked them very much and in such a way discovered Scouts of Europe. They were very interested in our scouting. Now, Nazar Yeremenko, the General Commissioner of Ukraine, shall contact them and see if sth more could be done. Federal commissioner plans to go there in March with ukrainian rovers to meet these people. If anybody has some contacts in Croatia he can communicate it to Jeanne Taillefer: jeanne-taillefer@guides-scouts.eu


On 30th January our Federal Bureau with its President Giovanni de Franchi and all the other members together with the general commissioners of Belgian associations, will meet Card. Stanislaw Rylko President of Lay Pontifical Council. This is a normal, yearly visit in which we inform Cardinal about our activities. Each year it is other association to accompany the Federal Bureau. This time it is Belgium.