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Newsletter - Ukraine no. 1

Nazar Yeremenko, 2011-08-16

Newsletter Ukraine No. 1, September 2011 (english). Inside: History of the Catholic Scouts of Europe in Ukraine.

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First camp days ... A general camp for girl-scouts

FSE UkraineSemper Parati! We are alive and almost dry ... A general camp for girl-scouts began these days. Mosquitoes are happy, so many prey have not been in Volyn yet. In fact, there are 55 participants in the camp this year: ("Puma", "Panther" (Lviv), "Cat" (Bryukhovychi), "Swallow" (Zolochiv), "Lion", "Fallow deer", "Cat" (Dunaevcy), "Puma" (Ivano-Frankivsk).

The place of our big adventure is the village Brunetivka (Volyn region, Starovyzhivsky district) near Pisochne lake on which we swim. We came to the place of the camp on Monday July 4 at 8 am. Who knows, it was "the longest day of the year" because for us it began on Sunday evening in the train "Chernivtsi Kovel" № 643.

FSE UkraineThe first two days was the pioneer. Every patrol equiped their "yards", bound tables, fences, entrance gate, a place for the kitchen, in a word created comfort. Pilot leaders also were not sitting. They were building chapel, flagstaff and announcement- board.

The theme of the camp is: "The peoples of Europe". Everyday we have the opportunity to learn about another country and its culture. Even Baden-Powell (BP) came to our campfire on England Day. Also courageous musketeer-women (Artosinka, Partosinka, Aramisinka and Dartanjanka) visited us on France Day.

FSE UkraineThe opening ceremony of the camp was heald on July 7, the honoured guest at the morning Apel was John the Baptist. Spiritual theme of the camp is "Hymn of Love". Girl-scouts are learned in a special way about the features of true love by priests Fr.Sergei Krutovskyy OSBM, Fr. Olexander Orihovskyy and sisters - Magda Vytvytska and Mariya Pidluzhna, OSBM.

Culinary competition is holding at the moment (cooking French cuisine). The smell calls us to the dishes ... So at this "tasty note" we are finishing ... Congratulations to all those who are at home and was unable to go to camp with us, and to our mothers! We are healthy and sun smiles us:) To the next reportage!

Semper Parati!
July 8, 2011

Pilot leaders of the camp

FSE Ukraine Semper Parati magazineThe scouts magazine "Semper Parati!"

The fifth anniversary issue of magazine "Semper Parati!" has been published.

Semper Parati! The 5th anniversary issue of our periodical magazine "Semper Parati!" was released one mounth ago.

In it you will become acquainted with Ivano-Frankivsk center of girl-scouts and know about their adventures. Also you will learn how boy-scouts from Bryuhovychi are developing. As usual, we will study techniques – how to travell throught wooded ranges of Ukraine without a compass, only using different natural features.

We are sure you will find many interesting and new things to know about. So we are waiting for your trip throught pages of our magazine!

Camp of scouts’ parents community in the Hoshiv (1-3 July 2011)

FSE UkraineThat's it - a camp for parents. July 1, on Friday morning bus went on a journey from the Church of St. Onuphrius' to the holy places of the village Hoshiv (Dolinsky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region). Our pilot leaders Nazar Yeremenko, Bogdan Matsekh, Mariya Kosmynka and Mariya Yahnytska brought scout-parents from the Lviv, Bryukhovychi, Zhovkva, Gorodok, Bibrka et etc to the monastery of the Sisters of the Holy Family who are living in the picturesque Carpathian region.

Tents were pitched quickly. After delicious cuisine leaders taught us the expression (the Wisdom of the evening campfire) and arranged funny games. To the general joy Father Cornelius who had given us the spiritual sermon, sowing grain of God's Word the third year in a row came to us.

FSE UkraineFranciszek Podlaha (administrative leader of boy-scouts from Warsaw) arrived at the place of our camp late in the evening. He liked our baked potatoes with onions in foil a lot. Guest promised to recommend this dish to the menu of Polish scouts. Also we liked sweet lemon drink with mint that grew near our tents! We tried to live as scouts - just using the gifts of nature.

On Saturday, July 2, after the morning apel and liturgy with Father Cornelius we all went to the Holy Mountain, where miraculous icon of Mother of God is stored in Goshiv Basilian monastery in the Church of the Transfiguration. There are many signs which show miraculous healings near it. After serving a prayer to the Mother of God, Fr. Cornelius had a sermon in a special room in the same church. It was quite unusual and symbolic, because it was told how the Lord God and Mother of God help people to overcome various difficulties and are always with us.

And how unforgettable evening bonfire was! Pantomime, puppets, scenic game – it was very funny and joyfull. We laughed a lot.FSE Ukraine

We will remember for a long time the words of parents and pilot leaders at the close of the camp. It is a pity that everything good comes to its ending so quickly.

We thank Fathers, Sisters, pilot leaders and all parents that contributed to the camp of scouts’ parents community. May the God’s kindness always be with you.

Sincerely and prayerfully, Zenovia Zhmurkevych (the mother one scout).

"Departure" of sparrows

FSE UkraineThe first "departure" of sparrows from town Bryukhovychi happened last weekend. It took place in the Annunciation Monastery in the village Pidgircy (Brody district, Lviv region).

Despite the bad weather on Saturday the children’s parents came to the place where adventure of sparrows began. Everyone had something to do – while sparrows were playing games, sculpturing with plasticine and painting their parents were watching a documentary film about the impact of cartoons on children, discussing about their experience of bringing up children. Also Fr. Robert Lyseiko OSBM hold meeting with parents. On Sunday morning weather was a bit cold, but later sun came out and pleased us with its warmth and sunlight to evening. This day was also unusual because sparrows tried to feel themselves like adults helping the pilot leaders to cook and lay the table. After lunch we went to Oleskyy castle. The culmination of this departure was an evening bonfire. Parents organised performances for children (theme - famous fairy tales) and children played with them games and sang. I hope that everyone learn something new and interesting. Tsvirin, tsvirin! Rouver of "Young road" Igor Dubynyak

A course for patrol leaders (11-12 June 2011)

The course for patrol leaders had lasted for 2 days. The aim was to prepare them for summer camps. Despite the bad weather there were patrol leaders from 4 troops, their assistans and future patrol leaders. The meeting took place in the village Berehy. Boys had time to pitch tents. Then the official opening of the course was.

Despite the cold weather and rain the guys had a good mood and eagerness to work.

FSE UkraineThe themes of theoretical conferences were: "Patrol hour", "patrol and I", "Application of scout law in practice”. Practicaly the guys mentioned scout passing signs and Morse code in the "great game", improved their cooking skills and shared with scouting experience.

A friendly atmosphere continued until the end of the day which ended by evening campfire.

Fr. Cyril served Liturgy on Saturday and had a conference for boys. He gladly talked with them and answered their questions.

FSE UkraineAfter a busy Saturday, Sunday seemed to be peaceful. Despite such a short time boy-scouts could make conclusions how to organize and conduct summer camps that have already begun.

So, we wish patrol leaders success and inspiration in Scouting life. Thanks all participants. And we thank specially Igor Dubynuak and Roman Dzyubinskyy for the help.

Wish you fun, interesting, exciting and memorable camps! Sincerely, Igor Stakhira.

History of the Catholic Scouts of Europe in Ukraine

History of Catholic Scouts in Ukraine is not long. The first training camp for youth from different parishes and parts of Ukraine was organised by German scouts.

Everything was amazing, exciting and impressive for guys that visited the scout camp for the first time. It was full of extraordinary adventures and surprises. None of these boys did not dream and never thought to become a scout, they just wanted to relax and meet new people.

Only after exiting the underground we were ready to work with youth but we had not experience and special literature. We applied for help to a great patron Mr. Maria de Wolf July 20, 1997 we went to Austria to the monastery, which is located a hundred kilometers from Vienna in the historic castle in village Blindenmarkt.There were bsp. Irenaeus Bilyk ( rector of the seminary in Ivano-Frankivsk at that time) several priests, seminarians and children with us. Monks of Hearts of Jesus and Mary which primary mission is to work with young people were our teachers. Scout camp started at the castle on July 21. Although it was raining we were pitching tents, listening to various theoretical studies wich were conducted by seminarian-scout Mr Lorenz Pfafenhuber. We had the practical work, read various literature and taught how to work with youth.

Camp day started with the alignment of square. There cruise song sounded to the accompaniment of guitars (almost every German Scout played guitar). Having a day job, each patrol set to work. Every evening ended with bonfire and prayer.

Everyone was presented scout uniform. At the end of camp our boys had scouts promise, received the blessing and became the first Scouts of Ukraine.

July 26, 1997 was the last day of the camp. We wanted to continue camp and stay there for a moment, but a lot of interesting adventures waited us in the future...

The first scout camp in Ukraine The first Ukrainian scout camp took place in the village Imstychevo (Irshava district, Transcarpathian region) in August 1998. It was organized by our chiefs from Austria Fr. Lorentz Pfaffenhuber, brother Janosh Volni and other foreign leaders in a picturesque mountain tract "Fantova komora" that is situated seven kilometers east of the Basilian monastery. Girls and guys always pitch camps separately but they gathered on the morning liturgy which was served by Fr. Vasyl Zinko and on sermons.

Morning exercises, running on 300 meters to the source, the total fee, raising the flag ... There were different activities and tasks every day: hiking, explo, competitions, regular checkings, construction of camp building...

Everything was estimated and recorded at the announcement board. At the end of camp, all participants - boys and girls had scouts promise. After the camp our valuable scouts systematically met on the patrol hours. A lot of children began to learn to play guitar. Several of them became rouvers and rangers and were ready to conduct camps and teach others.

We thank God that we received a great experience on these camps. We taught how to overcome physical and spiritual difficulties, met new friend and understood what did true love meen. Catholic Scouts of Europe in Ukraine is very necessary for children and young people because of permanent action and work on yourself.

Chronology of major camps and travellings.
6-13 August 1999 – training camp. Studene, Mizhhirnuy district, Zakarpatskuy region;
03-12 August 2000 – the camp. Dora, Yaremchansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk region;
7-14 April 2001 – training camp for pilot leaders. Germany;
5-17 August 2002 – International Camp. Romania, on the outskirts of the city of Alba Julia;
01-11 August 2003 Eurojam. Poland, near the town Zelasko;
02-10 August 2004 – Camp for wolves of St. Francis. Synjak, Transcarpathian region;
28-30 July 2004 – the first travelling for rouvers of St. Joseph. Prylbychi, Lviv region;
01-12 July 2004– travelling for rouvers of St. Joseph and rouvers from Warsaw. Letychiv, Chmelnyckyy
24-31 July 2004 – the first camp for Scouts from Donetsk region. Zvanivka;
May 2005 – general camp for patrol leaders. Krekhiv, Lviv region;
03-05 June 2005 – general meeting for chaplains (65 people);
9-15 August 2005 – Ukrainian-French trip to Mount Hoverla;
19-21 November 2005 – International expression course. Pidgiricy, Brody district, Lviv region;
19-20 February 2005 – general meeting of pilot leaders. Skole, Lviv region;
9-20 August 2005 – International Youth Day, travelling-pilgrimage to Cologne in Germany;
23-25 September 2005 – participation of Ukrainian pilot leaders in the journey-pilgrimage for pilot leaders from Poland;
14-20 July 2006 – Camp for wolves from Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv. Roztochka, Ivano-Frankivsk region;
21-28 July 2006 – travelling to Parashka mountain . Skole Beskydy;
2-14 August 2006 – general camp. Sataniv, Medobory Reserve, Chmelnyckyy region;
13-15 October 2006 – travelling for pilot leaders. Pidkamin, Lviv region;
14-18 November 2006 – Congress spiritual adviser in Italy - «Divina Amore»;
August 2007 – an international travelling- pilgrimage for European pilot leaders. From Slovakia (Levoca) to Poland (Czestochowa);
12-14 October 2007 – the general travelling for pilot leaders. Zarvanytsya
14-20 August 2008 – Camp for wolves. Lavriv Starosambirskyy district, Lviv region;
21-28 August 2008 – Camp for troops of St. Jehoshaphat (Lviv) and St.. Anthony Padevskyy (Chervonohrad). Lubel Zhovkva district, Lviv region;
18-20 October 2009 – general travelling for pilot leaders. Hoshiv Ivano-Frankivsk region;
May 2009 – a course for patrol leaders;
17-19 July 2009 – Camp for scouts’ parents. Pidgircy, Lviv region;
23-31 August 2009 – camp for troops from Lviv, Zhovkva and Zolochiv. Mageriv, Lviv region;
24-31 August 2009 – training camp for troop leaders. Staroporkof, Poland

FSE Ukraine - FSE in GreeceFSE in Greece on the future

We have appealed to the Ukrainian diaspora in Greece. Received a request - to help establish a community of Catholic Scouts of Europe in Athens. Now keep online contact with the nun - Sister Gerardo. Sent the training materials. Since September, an educated traveler from the city of Thessaloniki in Greece and help the community of Scouts.

The summer scouts camp for 3 troops

That ended our summer camp adventure of 3 hovel: ST. Josaphat, St.. And St. Benedict. St. Basil. Top (mountain) Makivka witnessed a new scouting history, which entered our top scouts in the Carpathian Mountains.

Indeed there are many things to remember: A night alarm - where scouts showed real courage sports Olympics - in which absolutely all groups fiercely fought for victory, the big game - where everyone showed their ability to transmit information to each other Morse, intelligent race - where each circle back to the pages of history victories of our heroes, evening campfire - are unique and beautiful that each of us long in the memory.

FSE UkraineThe victory won in the camp circle "Lion" (the way it tied nice pionirku - increasing at a height of 2 meters oh to sleep on a grid with a cord).

FSE UkraineIt is worth noting friendliness Scouts from St. Benedict (including activity Oleg ) and the real debut of the patrol "hedgehog" (Bryukhovychi) from St. Basil, who won three ribbons at the totem of the circle (one of them by winning the big game).

One of the climactic moments of the camp began to scout ceremony in which boys were prepared before and during camp.

Of particular interest and are expected - an oath of loyalty Nazar Paška in patrol "Lion" Orest Marchenko and ceremony out of the booth in the explorers Michael Ohirko (which passed all three scouting executives from wolfs and is now to rouvers).

So this word welcome our boys and wish new achievements in rouvers way, and then on the road serving as guides to others!

FSE UkraineTravelling in Greece

Our klan of leaders, St. Joseph (City Lviv) has taken a trip to Greece. Was attended by 13 people. Visited Mount Athos. The journey was spectacular known culture of the Greek people. The trip lasted 9 days. Getting way - Thessaloniki. The end of the island of Mount Athos. Thank God for jointly experienced a new experience and аchievements. It was the first step towards establishing the European scouts in Greece.